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Port Vila, 26 February 2024 
As a significant move towards updating education infrastructure, the National University of Vanuatu (NUV) recently installed a new Student Information System (SIS) for the main campus and its School of Education (SoE). 

The SIS streamlines academic processes to improve student experience and ease administrative management.

The system offers a comprehensive suite of services including online pre-registration, administrative and academic enrolment, attendance tracking, grade recording, and student progress reporting. By synchronizing with the E-Learning platform Moodle, students have direct access to their online courses according to their enrolment, access their grade and follow the status of their tuition’s payments. The SIS implementation is possible thanks to the DIgital REsponse Connecting CiTizens (DIRECCT) program in Vanuatu, supported by the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OEACP) and funded by the European Union managed by AFD - Agence Française de Développement.

Daniel Silas, NUV system & network administrator, organised Friday 16 February a first presentation and training to NUV and SoE administrative employees.

Participants gained insights into the online pre-registration workflow, administrative and academic enrolment procedures, and their pivotal role in course management, scheduling, attendance tracking, and grade management. Participants were enthusiastic to discover the key functionalities that will improve their way of working:

This is time saving for sure. Students can directly access their calendar per week and even per semester, it’s great. Regarding the lecturer’s payment, it allows us to justify the number of hours taught per semester. With this system I no longer need to calculate manually the hours but simply download the data.” Stephens Silas, SASS Officer at NUV (Student Academic and Support Services).

It’s going to change the Student Academic and Support Services team’s (SASS)life, especially to manage all the informations related to students from their personal data to their academic achievements. At the end of their cursus, we will get consolidated valid information to attribute their certifications. With NUV’s network of schools expanding like SoE, it will help us manage the information across the schools. It will allow us to better support our students and be the link between the students and their teachers.” Anne-Rose Tjiobang, Manager SASS at NUV.

By digitizing and streamlining the enrolment process online, the SIS promises to expedite enrolment processes and minimize administrative burdens for both students and staff.

Dr Gayleen Tarosa, acting Deputy Academic at SoE explained how at the moment they do everything manually using hard copies: “after application assessment and selection we need to send a letter to each student who needs to write us back to accept their enrolment. After, we need to publish in the local media the days they need to physically come to register. [...] Everything is manual, we have timetable that we display on notice boards and send out per email to staff. The new system will help us to decrease what we currently do manually. Because of the time it takes, we need to mobilise academic staff to support, so looking forward for this system so that they can focus back on teaching and learning.

The SIS will be rolled out along this year to be fully functional for the next enrolment period. It aligns with a commitment to improving educational quality and administrative efficiency across all educational institutions affiliated with NUV to better manage our schools and support our students.

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