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Licence AES

Online Bachelor's degree in Economic and Social Administration


The French bachelor's degree in Economic and Social Administration is a three-years multidisciplinary degree
combining four major fields of knowledge : law, economics, management and computer science.

With the ESA degree you will be able to work in the public sector as well as the private one.
ESA students will acquire the necessary knowledge to work in small and medium-sized companies
and to fulfil different managerial positions related to accounting,  finance, administration, sales, law and human resources.


=> Courses take place in Port-Vila. Professors come from Toulouse or other francophone universities, but there are also lecturers and tutors coming from Vanuatu and the Pacific area.

=> Course content is adapted to the specific context of Vanuatu. In addition to lectures, seminars are delivered by local professors who take into account the specifics of Vanuatu and its neighbours.

=> One online course and one course in English each semester.


The bachelor's degree in Economic and Social Administration is a multidisciplinary degree
that will enable you to perform professionally in both French and English.
Moreover, you will be able to improve your personal skills, to acquire know-how
and a good methodology coupled with critical judgment, which are characteristic of the French higher education.

This degree is recognized world-wide, not only locally. It is therefore an international degree providing access to Master degrees delivered by the network of  800 universities member of AUF.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Semester 1
Semester 3
Semester 5

UE 1 Contemporary history

UE 1 Administrative law

UE 1 Droit foncier

UE 2 Economics

UE 2 Business law

UE 2 Technique administrative & gestion de projet

UE 3 French & British accounting

UE 3 Economics of Vanuatu

UE 3 Sciences Économiques du Vanuatu

UE 4 Constitutional law

UE 4 Labour law and human ressources

UE 4 Finances publiques

UE 5 Intro to the main written legal systems                 

UE 5 Frensh & Vanuatu tax law

UE 5 Informatique

UE 6 Mathematics

UE 6 Frensh language written expression

UE 6 Anglais

UE 7 Frensh language written expression



Semester 2
Semester 4
Semester 6

UE 8 History of the Pacific

UE 7 Business law & Common Law

UE 7 International Law    

UE 9 Economics 2

UE 8 Maths (statistics)

UE 8 Finance Management

UE 10 Sociology

UE 9 French language written expression

UE 9 Marketing

UE 11 International Institutions

UE 10 Economics

UE 10 Economics

UE 12 The Common Law legal system

UE 11 Geopolitics of the Pacific

UE 11 English Language

UE 13 Mathématics

UE 12 Business economics

UE 12  Internship (8 weeks)

UE 14 French language written expression

UE 13 Custom and society

Internship report and royal presentation



The registration file must include:

=> A copy of your birth certificate
=> A copy of the diplomas obtained and the transcript of the Bac or DAEU
=> A cover letter

=> For initial training: possible presentation of your professional experience (CV, letter of reference)

=> For continuing education: Compulsory and detailed presentation of all your professional experiences and, for face-to-face training, a letter of authorization to take courses from your current employer.