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Statutes of 25 September 2013

Article 1:

On the date above, between the members of the present statutes an association is founded charitable organization: BILINGUAL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF VANUATU (AEUBV).

Article 2:

This association aims to:

(a) to promote, protect and preserve the interests of the members of the Association;

(b) negotiate, initiate any dialogue and liaise with the Agency Management Francophone University (hereinafter referred to as "A.U.F"), the Government of Republic of Vanuatu (hereinafter referred to as "the Government") or private or public bodies on any law, political regulation or file relating to impacting the well-being of members',

(c) actively seek through its members its representation in the structure of the U.F. and other similar institutions or institutions that the Government may create appropriate;

(d) promote, encourage and assist the provision of targeted services to students of the AES (Economic and Social Administration) degree in Vanuatu.

(e) assist, promote and facilitate any specialized training of its members '.

(f) organize and promote all social activities for the benefit of its members.

Article 3:

The means of the association, to achieve these objectives, are as follows:

- Detention of all patrimonies allowing directly and indirectly the realization of these objectives,

- Elaboration and financing of all work coming within the object, either directly or in collaboration with any organization or administration pursuing a goal similar or complementary, Search for all external means of financing the objects of the association in particular by borrowing, And any other means of financing approved by the board of directors. To implement these activities and to harmonize them with those of its partners or other institutions, the association concludes all relevant conventions, provides assistance and is interested in any activity similar to his own.

Article 4:

The association is based in Port Vila, Vanuatu. It may be transferred by simple decision of board of directors. Forjuridic is Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Article 5:

The association is administered by a first council composed of the following 6 members:

THYNA Theimanao (President)
KALSAKAU Leifori (Vice President)
METSAN Xavier (Secretary)
Philip Beneakii (Vice Secretary)
GARLOPEAU Kevin (Treasurer)
PHILIP Jean-Jacques (Vice Treasurer)

The mandates of the members of the council are of three years. The President of the Council may invite, in an advisory capacity, any person whom he deems useful according to the agenda.

Article 6:

The board of directors elects from among its members a chairman, a secretary general and a treasurer, which constitute his office. The presence of two members of the bureau is necessary for the validity of its deliberation. The office is elected for two years; its members are renewable.

Article 7:

The board of directors meets once every two months at the invitation of President or at the request of one-third of its members. A written notice must reach the address left by each member of the council at least ten days before the date fixed. The presence of the majority of the current members of the board of directors is necessary for the validity of the deliberations. If the quorum is not reached, a new convocation. The council may then validly deliberate if at least one-third of its members is present. Any director who is unable to attend may give one of his colleagues power to represent, each director present can only have one power. The vote of the president is preponderant in case of division, except if the vote takes place by ballot secrets. The secret ballot is by right when requested by only one of the members of the advice. Minutes of meetings are kept and signed by the president and the secretary general.

Article 8:

The duties of the members of the board of directors are free. However, it will be justified on reimbursement of the costs incurred by the exercise of these functions. The duties of the members of the board of directors may be cumulated with a paid activity in the association itself.

Article 9:

The board of directors hears the report that the board must present annually on activity and finances of the association. He receives, discusses and approves, if applicable, the accounts of the closed fiscal year which are presented to him by the treasurer with supporting documents.