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Master of Economics and Social Sciences (ESS)
Internationally recognized bilingual


The Master Law, Economics, Management, Economics and Social Sciences is a BAC +5 type bilingual university training allowing students to acquire skills in law, economics and sociology, related to the three dimensions of sustainable development, economic growth , social cohesion and the protection of the environment. As part of the training, students acquire knowledge about political-administrative institutions, their registration in the Pacific space, governance modalities and instruments of public action (financial tools but also political as, for example participatory devices).

The advantages of the Master SES

It is a complete multidisciplinary training which allows you to acquire a double professional competence bilingual in French and English.
This degree is recognized worldwide and not only at the regional level.

The Master SES provides access to the pursuit of PhD studies.


Registration is open by right, in initial training, in continuing education, to students holding a Bachelor's degree in Law, Economics, Management, with a mention in Economic and Social Administration or with a distinction in Economics and Society or with a distinction in Economics or with a mention in University Law. Toulouse Capitole.
It is also open by law to students holding a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of South the Pacific.
Students who do not have full access to this training may be authorized by the President of the University on the advice of a commission, to register after validation of studies, professional experiences or personal achievements.
This diploma is also open to people who have benefited either from a partial validation of prior learning, or from a validation of higher education completed in France or abroad, or a validation of studies, professional experience or personal achievements in the field.

→ In initial formation:
Letter specifying the professional project at the end of the Master SES + CV

→ For continuing education:
mandatory and detailed presentation of all your professional experiences and,
for face-to-face training, a letter of authorization to take courses from your current employer.


=> The teachings are spread over 4 semesters, They take place on the spot in Port Vila. They are provided by academics on mission from Toulouse and other French-speaking universities, but also by professors from Vanuatu and the Pacific region.
=> The course content is contextualized in Vanuatu. In addition to the Magistral Courses, Guided Work is provided by local teachers who adapt the disciplines to the regional context. E-learning support is associated. Educational innovations are encouraged.
=> Classes are taught in French and English.

Master 1

Semester 7

EU 1
    Economic Policy and Sustainable Development
    Economic sociology
    Demography and development
    Human Resources Law

UE 2
    Economy of knowledge
    Structural analysis of the networks
    Computer modeling
    Local taxation

EU 3
    Methodology of the research or internship dissertation
    Living language 1

Semester 8

EU 4
    Systems and social complexity
    Governance and public deliberation
    Territorial diagnosis
    Environmental Law

EU 5
    Approaches to insularity
    Actors and public policies
    Law of territorial organization

EU 6
    Research or internship memory

Master 2

Semester 9

EU 1
    Professionalisation and employment strategies
    Tutored collective project
    Economy of innovation
    Regulation and territorial development
    Mobilities and ecodevelopment of territories
    Territorial actors and socio-institutional dynamics

UE 2
    Project financing
    Project Engineering
    Participatory modeling
    Strategies and management of sustainable development

EU 3
    Practice of public debate and deliberation
    Urban planning and sustainable development
    Cartographic tools
    Ecodevelopment of island territories

EU 4
    Information and decision support systems
    Information and decision support systems
    Statistical treatment of data
    Applied econometrics
    Qualitative survey
    Living language

Semester 10

EU 5
Choice between:
    Professional internship of at least 4 months
    Research paper


The registration file must include the following documents:

 => A copy of your birth certificate + 2 passport photos
 => The certified copy of the diploma