On Saturday, February 29, 2020 took place the official launching of the entry sign of the campus of the National University of Vanuatu.

The ceremony, which occurred at the campus situated on the site opposite VIT, welcomed many officials. Among them, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education and Training, the Minister of finance, representatives of the diplomatic corps, Directors General, representatives of the partners’ universities, lecturers and students enrolled in the courses offered in 2020.

The ceremony was preceded by the first meeting of the University Council which deliberate on the implementation of the important stages of the establishment of the National University of Vanuatu.

Total students represent more than 330 young people who will begin or pursue their studies in the Bachelor of Economics and Social Administration, the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the Master in Economics and Social Sciences and the Master in Management and Development of the Pacific Island Territories – Vanuatu currently offered in the framework of a partnership of overseas universities.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Nirua, Honorable Minister of Education and Training, wished to recall the importance of the establishment of the National University after it has been unanimously adopted by the Parliament on the 17th December 2019.
He indicated that the key figures of the National University of Vanuatu are to combine progressively existing training institutions within the University and to establish two faculties and 10 schools initially.
This Bill concerns the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education, Vanuatu Institute of Technology, Nursing College, Maritime College, Vanuatu Agriculture College and Police College under the University. Careful attention will be given to meeting high quality tertiary education and training standards and accreditation requirements as required by the laws of Vanuatu.

He also emphasized the ambitious aspect of the NUV and the strategic and progressive choice of programs taught in two international languages (French and English) inherited in the Constitution which is the specificity of Vanuatu in the region and makes it a great success for the benefit of the Nation.
Indeed, Vanuatu needs to strengthen its elites and train its own bilingual managers. With the development of the university and the enrichment of the levels of qualifications, a dynamic conducive to social promotion is underway, which will affect all sectors.

During the ceremony, we also saw the launch of the eLearning classroom on the campus fully equipped with the funding of the New Caledonia Government and France. The classroom will allow the students to work with IT technologies and be able to access online courses in a blended mode.