Consultation VNU Bill


On July, 19, 2019, Education stakeholders involved in a one day Consultation towards the
process of the establishment of the Vanuatu National Bilingual University ( VNBU) at
Warwick le Lagon.

The consultation was headed by the Minister of Education and Training and the Director
General of MOET.
The meeting allowed all participants to be familiarized with the legal provisions of the new
(VNBU) draft bill and its subsequent amendments to the Education Act, the VQA and the TSC Acts in the presence of a representative of the State Law Office. Some important points were raised and the Minister took this opportunity to present his vision for the development of Higher Education in relation to national priorities.

 This process follows the decision of the Council of Ministers on the 20th September 2018 which approved the policy to establish a Higher Education, Training and Research Bill and supported the Ministry of Education and Training to take a leading role in establishing the governance structure of this new sector.