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Bilingual Bachelor's Degree in Tourism & Hospitality


The Bilingual Bachelor's Degree in Tourism & Hospitality aims at training the future managers and executives of the tourism and hospitality industry. This advanced university program is focused on employability and professional integration, answering the increasing and changing needs of companies from the tourism, transport, hospitality, and food sectors, in Vanuatu and the Pacific region.

The program aims at developing progressively over the couse of 3 years :

A thorough knowledge of professional techniques

  • A thorough knowledge of professional techniques
  • A legal, economic, and linguistic culture (French, English, Chinese)
  • Specific knowledge and know-how in marketing and management
  • Applied computer skills

Future managers must not only be excellent technically. They should also be able to handle interpersonal relations, to communicate in several languages, and to manage intercultural problems, with a high sense of service and customer relations management.


Courses take place in Port-Vila and are divided in 6 semesters, namely 3 years of study. Year 1 focuses on the acquisition of fundamentals. Industry and general knowledge is deepened during Year 2. Year 3 widens the perspective by studying contemporary topics and practices that students can apply directly, as they alternate between the job and the university (work-study program). Classes are taught by experienced university professors from international partner institutions, and by local instructors and industry professionals.

Key Success Factors

This bilingual training, combining tourism, hospitality and food, is unique in the region. The program is tailored to Vanuatu's challenges and opportunities : it integrates local issues that go beyond tourism, such as agri-food, environment, and the country's cultural and natural heritage. The goal is to make students aware of the interdependencies between tourism and these areas.

The Bachelor's Degree awarded at the end of the three years of study is recognized globally, through partnerships with prestigious international universities University of New Caledonia, University Toulouse Jean-Jaurès through it Institut Supérieur du Tourisme de l'Hôtellerie et de l'Alimentation (France), Taylor's University through its Faculty of Hospitality, Food & Leisure Management (Malaysia), Victoria University of Wellington (New-Zealand). This gives top students the opportunity to continue their studies abroad at the Master's and PhD levels.

The training is designed hand in hand with leading companies from the tourism sector in Vanuatu. To acquire and develop appropriate attitudes and professional behaviors, the degree requires mandatory internships every year : minimum one month in the first year, and two months in the second year. The third year is a work-study program with at least 20 weeks on-the-job.




  • Initial Training : Year 1 is accessible to both French and English-speakers whose academic record show they meet the relevant prerequisites to follow a university curriculum, and who demonstrate a minimal level in both French and English. Direct access to Year 3 may be offered to top students who already own a Bachelor's degree from another field (e.g. AES).

  • Professional development : Direct access to Year 1 or Year 3 may be offered to professionals with a significant and relevant experience in tourism or hospitality. Earning the Bachelor's Degree or selected modules from the program can develop new skills and offer attractive career advancement opportunities.

 Year 1

Semester 1
Semester 2
Communication for tourism Sales and after-sales of tourism services
Tourism and the Ni-Vanuatu history and Territory in the world Data Analysis and Statistics for Business and Tourism
Fundamentals of economics Kitchen, Food and Beverage
Introduction to Marketing and CRM for tourism and Hospitality Strategy and competition in tourism
Food science and Sanitation Invoicing/Accounting/Pay
Languages x2 : French/English and Chinese applied to Tourism Languages x2 : French/English and Chinese applied to Tourism


Year 2

Semester 3
Semester 4
Summer Internship Report and presentation Food and Beverage Management and packages
Operational Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality Tourism, a lever of development for the agri-food sector
Intercultural tourism animation Prospections Quantitative and Qualitative International
Managing Production Units in the context of Vanuatu Fiscal Environment in Vanuatu Tourism
Cost Management and Financial Forecasting Tutored project
Languages x2 : French/English and Chinese applied to Tourism Languages x2 : French/English and Chinese applied to Tourism


Year 3

Semester 5 & 6

Human resources management of tourism and hospitality industry

Distribution strategies and revenue Management

Marketing and e-marketing for Tourism and Hospitality

Total Quality Management in Hotel Management

Finance and managerial accounting

Labor law and communication law

Applied IT: Hotel Booking Systems

Economic Models for Tourism

Strategy Sustainable development strategy for tourism

Online Reputation Management and customer loyalty

Innovative project management

History of gastronomy and trends

Sociology of food

Languages and communication

Tourism promotion of Vanuatu natural and cultural heritage

INTERNSHIP 20 WEEKS and report


The registration file must include:

=> A copy of your birth certificate
=> A copy of the diplomas obtained and the transcript of the Bac or DAEU
=> A cover letter

=> For initial training: possible presentation of your professional experience (CV, letter of reference)
=> For continuing education: Compulsory and detailed presentation of all your professional experiences and, for face-to-face training, a letter of authorization to take courses from your current employer.

Contact for any information or registration :

For any information or to register please contact :
Vanuatu Bilingual Higher Education
Higher Education Division — Ministry of Education and Training
Telephone : 29 792 / Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.