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On  April, 11th  2019, we would like to thank Mr Joe Tomata, the General Manager of Moorings Hotel for his presence with us students in year 1 of the Bachelor ofTourism and Hospitality. He made a lively and interesting presentation of the hotel and his responsabilities as a GM.

He mentionned that in a hotel, there are two major revenues: The rooms and the restaurant. Each of them has a back of house and a front of house.

In terms of Marketing, Moorings Hotel is pushing its Market by itself by having different channels of distribution.

He also added that in a hotel, you have 3 missions that you have to fullfill:                                                                  

  • Satisfy the customer
  • Satisfy the owners
  • Satisfy the workers

Which explains that when you make profits, the owner is happy and your staff gets better wages. The main points that he touched are some of the “must do" in a hotel:

  • Good communication skills
  • Grooming
  • Punctuality
  • Honesty
  • Customer service

We can say that we were really happy for the chance we had to receive a GM. It was a very interesting presentation,we learnt lot of  key words, and received kind encouragement words from Mr Joe Betsesai.

 Thank you very much on the part of the students and their English teacher!


Pierrette IAKEN