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The National University of Vanuatu (NUV) is happy to publish the Final lists of the students who are selected by its School Of Education (SOE) for these following Academic programs below :

1.    Bachelor of Education (Primary)
2.    Bachelor of Education (Secondary ) – Anglophone (Maths and Physics combination)
3.    Bachelor of Education (Secondary ) –  Anglophone (Language Second and History combination)
4.    Certificate IV in Education (Early Childhood Care and Education, ECCE) – Anglophone
5.    Certificate IV in Education (Vocational Education and Training, VET) – Anglophone
6.    License Metiers de l’Education  (Enseignment Primaire) – Francophone
7.    Licence Metiers De I’Education (Enseignement Secondaire) – Francophone (Biologie & Chimie)
8.    Licence Metiers De I’Education (Enseignement Secondaire) – Francophone (Langue Seconde/Histoire)
9.    Certificate IV Metiers De L’Education (Enseignement Techinique Et Vocationel) – Francophone
10.    Certificate IV Metiers De L’Education (Enseignement De La Petite Enfance) - Francophone

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