Academic continuity at the National University of Vanuatu in times of crisis

Since the reopening of the campus to students on Monday April 20, the courses of the various training programs offered in 2020 have resumed "normally".

A Moodle platform has been created with access for all students to allow them to download
the teaching materials transmitted by the lecturers.
Online tutorials classes are also made available to assess their knowledge.

Thanks to an efficient computer system, courses given by foreign lecturers are currently offered by videoconference sessions in regular classrooms.
The courses delivered by the lecturers based in Vanuatu have resumed respecting the rules of social distancing and health prevention.

An awareness session on Covid19 was also offered to students by the Ministry of Health.
In terms of assessment, various arrangements have been put in place so as not to penalize students and to offer them the possibility of pursuing their studies in the best possible conditions. In times of crisis, the NUV is aware of the complex situations that students can experience. The administrative team is available to ensure individual support is provided to all students..