The National University of Vanuatu is recruiting: 2 Accounts Officer’ positions

Job Title : Accounts Officer

Reporting To : Director of Finance

Job Purpose : Effectively manage the financial bookkeeping of the NUV

Position Summary Manage the financial bookkeeping of the NUV by processing invoices, recording payments, and tracking expenses

Key Responsibilities – Detailed Listing : - Save accounting Entries
                                                     - Manage the means of payment: checkout, check books
                                                     - Make payments with the agreement of the supervisor
                                                     - Prepare purchase orders
                                                     - Ensure the financial follow-up of foreign and local lecturers: payment of contracts, booking of air tickets and accommodation, payment of Perdiems
                                                     - Follow up on NUV budget in due time
                                                     - Prepare monthly financial statements of expenditures and revenues
                                                     - Follow up on spending with external providers and ensure that these expenditures are properly implemented
                                                     - Access quotes from suppliers
                                                     - Participate in the preparation of the annual budget
                                                     - Produce regular financial reports in English and French

Critical Competencies : 1. Work in a professional manner
                                2. Strive for excellence
                                3. Contribute to the NUV

Qualifications : University Diploma in Finance or Accounting from a recognized institution

Special Skills : - In-depth knowledge of accounting functions  
                    - In-depth knowledge of Vanuatu Law related to financial and administrative issues and Government's financial system  
                    - Extensive experience with finance and accounting software systems  
                    - Knowledge of finance systems, databases, and metrics  
                   - Attention to detail, facts, and figures  
                   - People oriented, inclusion oriented and results driven  
                   - Excellent written and verbal communication skills
                   - Ability to work under pressure

Required Experience : 5 years’ experience in accounting or management level

Language Fluent in English, French and Bislama

Terms and Conditions of Employment : Three-year local contract Annual salary: 1 440 000 VT

Selection Methods Please send your application at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Deadline for submission: 7th January 2021 4 PM

Please find below the full detail of the Job description in pdf:

Download this file (NUV Accounts Officer.pdf)NUV Accounts Officer.pdf[ ]409 kB